The etherCUT - cam swith for Ethernet

etherCUT - the key for ICS cybersequrity

etherCUT (ethernet+cut) - hardware switch for disconnecting Ethernet line, it is intended for use in Industrial Control Systems for Cybersecurity and Functional  safety. The switch can be installed on the DIN rail or cabinet door. The switch meets all standards of Ethernet speed - 10/100/1000 BASE-T. etherCUT also can be used for the commutation of the RS-232/422/485 channels.

functional characteristics

etherCUT is equiped with two RJ-45 connectors for Ethernet BASE-T connection. Switch has two states - ON and OFF. etherCUT does not require an external power supply. The high tech commutational elements with ruthenium coating are intended for commutation of low voltage high frequency signals, the resistance in the contact point does not exceed 0.2 Om. Those elements and base plate topology provides compiliance of the module with all standards up to Ethernet 1000 BASE-T. The state of the switch can be defined in an external automated control system by two cam switсh contacts.

  • Operational temperature      -40 +45 °C 
  • IP                                                IP20, IP30 
  • PoE classes                               0,1,2,3,4

etherCUT scheme


In the state ON the Ethernet link is activated, and cam switch contacts are OFF. In the state OFF the Ethernet line is deactivated and cam switch contatcs are ON.


etherCUT installation points

industrial cybersecurity

etherCUT provides a simple and reliable hardware solution for quick separating attack-sensitive Ethernet network segments from potentially insecure network segments. The etherCUT can be used to separate ICS networks from the asset networks or the Internet. This solution can be a part of cybersecurity solutions (including firewalls, IDS, etc.) for ICS. The decision on the separation of ICS networks can be made by the on-duty personnel of the facility in accordance with previously developed instructions. For example, the instruction may provide for the separation of the ICS networks in the event of an incident recorded by the IDS both within the ICS network and in the external technological and information asset networks.

REMOTE service control

etherCUT can be used to control remote service of ICS. Many equipment suppliers require remote access to control systems for monitoring, maintenance and modification. etherCUT allows you to create a stationary remote access connection scheme with the possibility of controlled connection and logging of the fact of remote access activation.

functional safety

etherCUT can be used to provide functional safety of industrial control systems. Currently, the Ethernet bus is the basis for creating any process control system. At large facilities, situations are often encountered in which part of the process equipment can be put into repair or test modes, while the control systems of such nodes, as a rule, remain connected to the facility ICS. This circumstance can lead to technological accidents since the presence of an Ethernet connection with such a control node can affect the operation of the algorithms of the entire ICS. Using etherCUT allows you to take into account the need to disconnect the Ethernet network when performing repairs, tests, and other routine maintenance.


etherCUT datasheet

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15 years of expirience in industrial control system development

The company staff has a close relation with Novosibirsk company Tornado Modular System, that company for more than 25 years develops an Industrial Control Systems for power generation and distribution objects. The etherCUT company staff has experience in the development of the industrial computer iPC GRIDEX, software development for relay protection equipment, etc. 

Novosibirsk Academpark

The etherCUT company is situated in the Novosibirsk Academic township, where the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science is located. The Novosibirsk Technological Academpark includes special technological and organizing infrastructure, that helped our company to start from idea to serial production.